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People shared various memes after a rise in the price of lemon that may leave you giggling.

Lemon prices across the country have soared high. The price hike has turned this common cooking ingredient into almost a luxury item for many. Though the sky-high price of lemons has made people dismal in recent times, a few people stepped up to squeeze out some funny memes from the situation. In fact, many are now flooding Twitter with various hilarious memes that may leave you laughing out loud.

This Twitter user imagined what lemon would be saying to petrol and diesel – the price rise of the items that often give opportunities to tweeple to come up with rib-tickling memes.

This person gave a slight twist to the situation and imagined what petrol could be saying to lemon:

Then there is this person who referenced an iconic scene from the film 3 Idiots to put forth their point:

Not a meme per say but this person posted these images to tweet why they feel like a millionaire:

Want to have some more laughs? Here’s a meme:

Take a look at some more posts that people shared:

According to some traders the production of lemon was less than usual in some places. Clubbed with high demand due to an early summer, the price of the item has increased.

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