IT co CEO gifts BMWs to employees who helped company ‘dig gold’ during tough times

IT company CEO gifts BMWs to employees who helped company dig gold

IT company CEO gifts BMWs to employees who helped company ‘dig gold’

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Information Technology is a lucrative sector to work in—as evident from frequent news reports of massive salary hikes given by software companies to employees. Software developers, product managers and other such roles are some of the most sought after in the industry, known to be given as much as 100% salary hike, especially in the wake of the digital transformation wave that swept the global economy in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic as million of employees took to remote working.

One such story of extraordinary compensation to make headlines is that of Chennai-based software-as-a-service company Kissflow Inc, which has given shimmering new beamers to five of its employees. The company gave BMW cars, worth over Rs 1 crore each, to five of its senior management workers to “honour their loyalty and commitment”, according to a report in news agency PTI.

The handing over ceremony was kept a secret until a few hours prior to the event when the 5 lucky employees were informed that they are soon going to be proud owners of a new set of expensive new wheels.

Kissflow Inc CEO Suresh Sambandam told PTI the five employees are with the company right from its inception and helped the company ‘dig gold’ during the pandemic. He further said some of the employees came from humble backgrounds and had faced significant challenges prior to joining the company. The company faced many roadblocks as it tried to navigate the tough business environment of the pandemic and some investors even raised doubts about the smooth functioning of the company at the time.

“Today we are very happy that we have paid back the investors and now it has become a fully owned privately held company,” he told PTI.

The cars are for these five who were with me when I dug 100 feet for gold (setting up Kissflow while others left the organisation midway),” Sambandam added.

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