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New Delhi: ET Now is launching a new series of investor-education articles on personal finance. These articles are aimed at helping you simplify your finances and investments, no matter what your age, occupation, investment corpus or investment style is. If you’ve been meaning to invest your money in expectation of fruitful gains but don’t know how to go about it, these articles will help you get started on your investment journey.

Navigating Market Volatility, And Beyond:

Just like basics such as tastes and preferences, shoe size, hair colour and voice vary from person to person, so does each person’s investment style. While you may be very cautious about your money, the person sitting right next to you could be someone who doesn’t mind taking a risk every now and then and investing for short term gains. No matter what your investing style is, you’ll be sure to find an article that guides you to invest your money without you having to change what comes naturally to you.

So, What Should You Watch Out For?

While we would want to keep the best parts in wraps, here’s a little sneak peak of what the series will include. Articles such as “The Early Investor,” “The Impulsive Investor,” “The Cautious Investor” and many more types of investors make up this series.

If You Are an Impulsive Investor:

The article catered to the needs of people who like their trades fast, and returns faster. Sail through tips by experts on how to invest your money, where to invest your money, for how long to invest your money and much more in this article.

If You Are a Cautious (Or Overly-Cautious) Investor:

For those who don’t mind playing the long game in exchange for assured returns, experts guide you on how you should plan and invest your money to ensure you get most of your investment.

If You Are an Early Investor:

Stay tuned for the first article titled “The Early Investor” rolling out tomorrow. The article is for all of you who have just entered the workforce and don’t know how to save or invest your newly minted income, or for any rookie investor who wants to build their way up the investment ladder.

Find the shoe which fits you just right in one or more of these articles, as they guide you to invest based on how you would like to invest. With suggestions by experts and examples of real-life investors, this new series is surely going to be one to watch out for!

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