DWP errors uncovered which meant pensioners underpaid their state pension | Personal Finance | Finance

“The DWP urgently needs to get its act together and pay people money they are rightfully entitled to, after years of hard work. These are not trivial amounts of money, especially to those dependent on the state pension and struggling with rising living costs.

“The complicated system has enabled these underpayments to go undetected for years. Even some of those within the department charged with administering the state pension appear not to understand it.

“The discovery of so many errors now shows that review and reform are urgently needed, to restore faith in the state pension and protect older people’s true entitlements from future miscalculations.”

Dennis Reed, Director of Silver Voices, told Express.co.uk: “There’s been a catalogue of mistakes by the DWP over a period of years, and I’m increasingly thinking that it’s not fit for purpose as far as payment of pensions are concerned.

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