CBSE class 12 entrepreneurship exam: What students in Lucknow said after paper

CBSE class 12 entrepreneurship exam 2022: The CBSE class 12 term 2 entrepreneurship paper was overall very simple, the questions were straight forward and the case studies also for the most part were easy, barring one or two questions, said students in Lucknow.

“The choice given between the questions was both an advantage and disadvantage, for if you knew all the answers to all the questions, it’ll be hard to determine which one you should leave,” said Sonakshi Gupta, Class 12 A of GD Goenka Public School.

According to Ronit Wadhwa of the same school, “The paper was quite simple and easier than our expectations. We didn’t expect it to be so simple”.

“Paper was easy but numerical problems were bit confusing. Questions in section C were tricky,” said Palak Asthana, Class XII C of GD Goenka Public School.

In the words of Shreya Singh Chandel, “The paper was a bit lengthy but easy. With a lot of writing practice done in revision, we completed it on time. Section C was tricky.”

At Study Hall School, Lucknow, the students said the paper was easy to moderate and each section had great choices like 4 out of 6 or 4 out of 5 which really helped in completing the paper easily and on time.

Ilisha Agarwal, a class 12 student at Study Hall said, “Just a bit confusing was the practical portion since this portion tried to trick us but could be done if practiced quite nicely. Theory was all good and it included the short questions as well as the case studies but one needs to read the case studies properly to answer the questions in the best manner. While drawing a comparison today’s paper was easier than that of 1st term board.”

“The paper was good and I was able to answer all theory questions but numerical part was a bit tricky since there was just the internal choices. Section c was a bit confusing but with strong basics it can be tackled,” said Sarthak of class 12.

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