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The car industry is a tough one to survive for manufacturers all around the globe. In a country like India, it gets even more complex due to the tax structure and ever-changing demand of buyers. Global manufacturers like Ford & GM had to tread on a tough path before finally calling it quits. However, even under all these situations, Indian manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata have not only survived but have prospered as well. Mahindra is planning a lot of upcoming cars. To counter this, Tata has also readied a plan to take on Mahindra. In today’s article, we will see Tata’s 2023 plan to take on Mahindra.

Mahindra’s plan

2023 Tata Mahindra plan

Mahindra is completely re-branding its SUV lineup with a new logo and showroom overhaul. Mahindra is also updating its SUV lineup. But its biggest focus this year will be the unveiling of its born electric cars. Then, it will be launching the new Scorpio, another important product for Mahindra. Another car Mahindra is planning to bring this year is the eKUV100. Mahindra is also expected to be bring an anniversary edition of the XUV700.

Tata’s 2023 Plan 

2023 Tata Mahindra plan

Tata’s plan is also focused more on its EV and SUV lineup. Tata’s first launch this year will be an upgrade to its Nexon EV. The Nexon EV will be getting a long-range model. Side-by-side, it is also developing a petrol engine for Harrier and Safari. A petrol engine will help get more sales for both these cars. Tata’s most ambitious plan is to bring the Nexon EV coupe. The Nexon EV coupe will first come in its EV form followed by an ICE-powered avatar.

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