About Us

No corporate buzzwords or claims to change the world.

We are just a humble start-up with rational goals.

At What An Investor, Our mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that our users have the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life. Your financial life is filled with personal decisions and challenges. Whether you are investing as a beginner or expert, planning your retirement, buying a home, studying for an exam in business school, or running a small business you have questions that need answering.


Our Team

Deepali Saxena
Creative Head
Manish Bisht
Technical Officer
Apurv Singh
Operations Head
Ashish Shrivastav
Marketing Manager
Divyansh Singh

He has a vision of converting India from the country of savers to the country of Investors.

With experience of 4+ years in Investing. He is a young yet skilled investor with a passion for learning new market trends.

He loves to talk about investing, financial planning, technology and business.